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IEEE SA And HD-PLC Alliance Webinar Series #4
February 2023

今回のウェビナーは、IEEE SAとの共同開催で、HD-PLC対応の次世代チップセットのご紹介、中圧向けグリッドオートメーションのソリューション、およびIEEE 1901標準化の最新動向「IEEE P1901c」について、グローバル講演(英語)を予定しております。 ご多用中とは存じますが、是非とも多くの皆様にご聴講賜りたく、ご参加をお待ち申し上げます。

2023年1月 HD-PLCアライアンス事務局


A Webinar on Next Generation Chipset and Medium Voltage grid automation using IEEE 1901 High Speed Powerline Communication Standard

HD-PLC Alliance endeavors to create a full-fledged universal network society with a focus on consumer electronics and business applications. In this effort, the Alliance has positioned Power Line Communication (PLC) as a central communication vehicle and is working to promote spread of the HD-PLC technology. This high-speed powerline technology is ably supported by IEEE 1901 Standards and is being adopted in several projects across the world. This webinar is being organized to bring together various stakeholders from industries, utilities and academia who look leverage high-speed PLC as a core technology and to present them the HD-PLC ecosystem where communication compatibility assures “safe” and “easy” connectivity among HD-PLC networking devices. It will focus more particularly on the new generation HD-PLC chip, new standardization IEEE P1901c for use on any media, and Medium Voltage grid automation Case Study using IEEE 1901 High Speed Powerline Communication.

Topics covered/Agenda:
  • Overview of HD-PLC Alliance and IEEE SA
  • New generation HD-PLC chip
  • Medium Voltage grid automation using IEEE 1901-2020
  • New standardization: IEEE 1901c


開催日時 2023年 2月 1日(水)18:00-19:30 (日本時間)
開催方式 オンラインセミナー(当日ライブ配信、及びオンデマンド配信)
参加料 無料
ご注意 当日ライブ配信は終了しました。オンデマンド配信はご覧頂けます。




講演1. New IEEE P1901c Standardization project

Jean-Philippe Faure 

IEEE 1901 Working Group Chair, IEEE-SA
Technical Working Group and Standard Task Group Chair, HD-PLC Alliance

講演2. New Generation HD-PLC Chipset

Tomislav Drenski 

IoT & Marketing Manager,
Socionext Europe GmbH.

講演3. HD-PLC for Medium Voltage grid automation

Philippe Conq 

CIC, Technical Application Engineer, GE Grid Solutions


Sri Chandra 

Senior Director,
IEEE SA Foundational Technologies

当アライアンス会長あいさつ/Overview of HD-PLC Alliance

会長 三宅 隆則(Takanori Miyake) 




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