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  3. 開発・評価キット

Nessum 開発・評価キット

評価キット(BRIDGIT™ Development Platform)

The BRIDGIT™ Development Platform offers everything you need to integrate HD-PLC Broadband Power Line Communication in to your smart IoT devices. 

The Evaluation Kit includes all the hardware, software, and documentation to easily test, configure, and integrate the BRIDGIT™ System-on-Module solution in to your device quickly and reduce your design engineering time.

評価キット(Nessum Multi-hop シリーズ)

The BCP-MH-21 evaluation kit contains four Nessum compliant devices (configured as one master, and three terminals), demonstrating our broadband PLC with multi-hop mesh network technology; the evaluation kit contains all the hardware, software, documentation and tools to enable the configuration and evaluation of the MLKHN1501 performance.

品番 BCP-MH-E21

評価キット(Nessum Complete シリーズ)

The BCP-CP-21 evaluation kit contains a master and 1 terminal device supporting Nessum Complete; the evaluation kit contains the software that enables the configuration and evaluation of the MLKHN1500 PLC chip.

品番 BCP-CP-E21