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2023年4月入会 ECOLINQX Corporationのご紹介

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2023年4月入会 ECOLINQX Corporationのご紹介


2023年4月ECOLINQX CorporationがHD-PLCアライアンスに入会いたしました。

新会員:ECOLINQX Corporation

ECOLINQX™, a Delaware Corporation based in California, joins the HD-PLC Alliance as a Supporter to help accelerate the adoption of High-Speed Broadband Power Line (BPL) as the premier wireline communication and networking technology for Smart Grids, Cities, Buildings, and Homes worldwide. Long time contributors to the HD-PLC Alliance, ECOLINQX™ team members have been involved in the promotion and advancement of HD-PLC technology for the past 10 years. With deep knowledge of the technology and its applications, ECOLINQX™ specializes in Industrial grade IoT Communications and Networking solutions. ECOLINQX™ has a mission to make HD-PLC more accessible and simpler to install for system integrators, and device installers everywhere.

“ECOLINQX™ is delighted to join the HD-PLC Alliance and extend its product offering with state-of-the-art, open-standard and scalable communication technology. With several million devices already deployed in various industrial applications worldwide, multiple chip suppliers, a solid interoperability and certification program, and a huge industry backing, HD-PLC has proven to be the communication technology of choice for many large-scale deployments. I encourage everyone to take a closer look at the benefits of HD-PLC and joining the HD-PLC Alliance.” said Michael Navid, Founder and CEO of ECOLINQX.

ECOLINQX™ offers a wide variety of HD-PLC compliant hardware and software products to reduce customer’s time-to-market and cost. ECOLINQX™ Design Services enable customer-specific solutions for device manufacturers, and system integrators worldwide.



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