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BRIDGIT™ HD-PLC System-on-Module from ECOLINQX™

Based on IEEE1901-2020 and ITU-T G.9905 standards, BRIDGIT works with any wires! In addition, it acts as a bridge between various wireline technologies such as power line, Ethernet, twisted-pair/RS484, and COAX eliminating the need for costly routers. Built for demanding industrial applications, BRIDGIT uses advanced broadband techniques to achieve the most robust data communication possible over channels subject to high implosive noise, interference, and cable losses. The inclusion of multi-hop technology provides an added layer of robustness by enabling any node to act as a repeater extending the range and connectivity. BRIDGIT SoM supports up to 1024 nodes in any network configuration, giving system integrators all the benefits of free topology. Plus, it offers a host of features like built-in self-healing MESH network with dynamic routing, AES-128 encryption, and a network bridging functionality that makes field deployment and installations fast and easy.